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our story

This is a picture of our faces here - not just super gorgeous stock photo models like you OBVIOUSLY thought we were.

We're Liz (left) and Geneva (right), a crazy, insane and hard-working mother-daughter duo. 

Liz has been in the body-care industry for nearly 40 years, running Clover Fields; Australia's oldest family-owned soap mill. We were the first Australian company to make non-tallow soap, and the first to encourage the packaging free display of naked soap bars, having a minimal-waste brand since 1983.

I joined the company after half a decade in the music industry, with hopes of bringing a fresh new perspective and together with our fabulous team we've developed Shampoo With A Purpose.

We had been told that processing shampoo bars on the machinery we use would be impossible, but nevertheless, Liz persisted and we have since become the first and only company to process shampoo/conditioner bars on triple-milling, commercial machinery. Our unique manufacture process has made one of our bars worth up to 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner and ensures that they hold their integrity in the shower. No mush!

We didn't want to release a product full of nasties, our formulation took a long time to develop and we did not cut corners on quality, we've ended up with a beautiful, naturally lathering bar with no harsh chemicals, no added palm oil products, sulphates or animal by-products - and it's pH balanced for use on scalp and hair.

After achieving the "impossible" we had to create our brand - we wanted to do something fun and fresh with a tonne of added personality. Every box is covered in hand-drawn pictures of friends and family, along with plenty of education around our product, and our mission - to provide a simple and easy option to help reduce plastic consumption in the shower.

We believe that we've not only managed to make a plastic-free alternative but that we've made a lovely natural improvement on our customers' regular hair-care.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and our lil' ol' business - we've included some pictures of our dogs here! Liz and I share the same birthdate (5th January), and in 2019 we both got puppies, a brother (Oli) and sister (Didi), who are also born on... the 5th of January.  They love recycling as much as we do so they love to hang out in our bins! Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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