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We don't skimp on natural ingredients

At S.W.A.P. we're all about transparency. We want you to be buying our bars, knowing that you're not just helping out the environment, but you're not using harsh chemicals, and you're supporting a family-owned, small business. We are working on keeping our products totally nasty-free, 24/7.


We only use the best, natural, non-harmful, components in our bars, to make sure you've got clean hair AND conscience!


To make the process easier for you, read this page, we've provided a summary of each ingredient and an explanation as to why we use it; to help you know what you're buying. If you have any further questions; email, and you can speak directly with our product developer. 


In the meantime, here's a list of things we DON'T use:

No Palm Oil

No Sulphates

No Synthetic Fragrances

No Animal Derivatives

No Harsh Chemicals

No Propylene Glycol

No Artificial Colours

No Triethanolamine


No Parabens

No Harsh Detergents

No Animal Testing

No Packaging Waste

core Ingredients in all SHAMPOO bars


This is a thickener from the seed of the guar plant, guar plants are legumes. Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride is an organic compound that is a water-soluble, quaternary ammonium-derivative of guar gum. It gives conditioning properties to shampoos and after-shampoo hair care products. Outside of our usage, it's widely used in natural healthcare because of the fabulous ingestible properties and other cosmetics as a thickening agent.



This is a surfactant alternative to sulphate. It imparts lather into shampoo and serves perfectly as a cleaning agent. It is a sodium salt ester or a fatty acid made from coconut oil. You can't find any surfactant that is milder or safer than this one!



THIS IS NOT PALM DERIVED! This is 100% naturally-derived from rapeseed (canola) and soybean and is a great natural humectant (draws moisture to itself). It's a remarkable moisturiser for the skin and hair and will protect the scalp. Its thick viscosity makes it a fabulous frizz-killer and curl-definer. In large and non-diluted doses this can strip colour from the hair but at the balance we use, you won't see that effect.


This is a coconut-derived, palm-oil free foaming agent which gives our bars a beautiful lather. 


This is just in our Dry Or Damaged and Colour Treated bars. Betaine is a fabulous, naturally-occurring amino acid derived from sugar beets. We've added this because of its excellent strengthening and healing powers for hair that has been damaged from treatments such as bleaching, straightening, blow-drying, weather conditions or colouring, and it's the ability to maintain elasticity in hair that has been colour treated. In other words - this gal will TREAT your hair to the nourishing that it needs whether your hair is dry and brittle or coloured to the max.



Click on each extract/oil/additive below to read about it.

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