Frequently asked questions

Which shampoo bar will suit my hair type?

Choose your fighter!
- I have normal hair - The OG
- I have dry hair - Dry Or Damaged
- I have limp hair - Volume
- I have combination hair - The OG
- I have oily hair - Volume or The OG
- I have curly hair - Volume
- I am a swimmer - Dry Or Damaged
- I have brittle hair - Dry Or Damaged or Colour Treated
- I have coloured hair - Colour Treated
- I have chemically treated hair - Colour Treated
- I have bleached hair - Colour Treated - I have grey hair - Dry Or Damaged or The OG

How much is shipping? What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is $10
Order $50+ or more for free shipping
One single sample pack in your cart will only incur $3 shipping - these sample packs are sent in a letter through the mail.

International orders are shipped for free if you spend over $100 AUD.

If you input your address incorrectly and we need to resend your order we will re-charge the flat $10 fee for resending within Australia. We will call or email you to arrange this. If you input your address incorrectly, please contact us as soon as possible to amend it, but please be aware we do pack our orders as soon as possible the next business day.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Just place an order as per usual and we'll send it out for you.

Spend $100+ (Australian dollars) for free international shipping* (outside of Australia).
*VAT fees apply for EU + UK entities.

What is in the shampoo bars?

Head here to read up on our ingredients.

How do I use the shampoo bar?

Work the bar through your hair and it will lather up beautifully in seconds. We recommend using it with your existing conditioner (or our conditioner bar) and then slowly cutting down to just using the bar (some people will need a transition period and others will not) - this will help to detox your hair from bottled and/or unnatural product. It’s a combination of shampoo AND conditioner and you can use it as a standalone but some hair-types will need to adjust. The bar does not contain any soap so it will not dry and tangle your hair the same way a bar of soap or shampoo on its own will.
Don’t forget that you can use the bar on your whole body as well, making it so easy to get in and out of the shower in a flash, without compromising on quality.

What about a conditioner bar?

Our bars are shampoo AND conditioner - saving you extra time, money and effort of using multiple products. Make sure you read the above how-to which details transitioning to the bar as jumping from separate products to one requires a detox period and transition that is different for everyone! Some of you may still even need a bit of conditioning extra on the side - we recommend leaving the lather in your hair for a little extra time. You can even use it as a hair masque for a deep conditioning treatment.

We also make a conditioner and hair masque bar which you can buy here to help with your transition or for those who need extra conditioning

How do I use the conditioner bar?

Our conditioner bars are absolutely ace! They are high-powered so you don't need to use very much to get great results. Shampoo as per your regular routine (or for the Curly Girl Method, don't shampoo at all), then apply the bar to the ends of your wet hair, work through with your hands until well applied to your preference, leave in for 3 minutes then wash out. To use as a hair masque, apply to thoroughly wet hair, leave in for up to 20 minutes then rinse well. This will help to naturally renew and heal dry and damaged hair.

How do I store the bars for travel?

We are working on a travel-case for the bars, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to find out when this is available! In the meantime there are loads of other options, I (Geneva) travel with mine in a glass jar that I used to have caramelised onions in (I'm a fiend for caramelised onions), but I know customers who have used everything from zip-lock bags, plastic containers from their local shop, small tupperware containers and even the original packaging after drying off the bar.

Where do I put it in the shower?

Wherever you like. We worked really hard to formulate a fuss-free bar that holds it's integrity and won't fall to mush in the shower. I have mine on the ceramic built-in shelf in my shower, but you can use a soap tray, a dish or even a little case. If you can keep the bar relatively dry it'll extend their life. For those of you who have a small space in the shower we have a draining in-shower holder which will be available soon! Sign up for our newsletter below and keep an eye out for this.

What do they smell like?

The O.G. - This is scented with a natural-class coconut fragrance. This is the only bar that contains perfume.

Colour Treated - This is scented with a floral essential oil blend.

Volume - This is scented with a natural herbal essential oil blend with hints of citrus.

Dry or Damaged - This is scented with an earthy, sandalwood essential oil blend.

Unscented - This has a very very light, natural smell, but is unscented.

Are they vegan?


Are they Australian Made?

Yes, we are fully licensed to use the Australian Made logo, and are proud to be an Australian manufacturer owned by some super cute Australian ladies

Do they have any fragrances?

The O.G. bar is fragranced with a natural class perfume. The other bars are scented with essential oils. We currently do not stock a shampoo/conditioner bar that is free of fragrance or essential oil.

Our unscented bar has no scent!

Can I pick up my order from you?

Yes - we are based in Penrith, you can pick up directly from our warehouse where we make our products. We are at 26 Peachtree Road, Penrith NSW, 2750.

Do you have any stockists near my area?

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, we are currently referring customers to our online store, as many of our stockists are temporarily closed. Visit us here: to make your purchase. Thanks for supporting our business and incredible team.

I would like to buy wholesale from you

Good! We would like you to buy wholesale too! Please get in touch with us - for our catalogues and further information, or simply head to our mother-website here and fill out this form for wholesale access.

Are you the manufacturer of these products?


Can you make shampoo/conditioner with my branding?

Our over-arching business, Clover Fields, is an established contract manufacturer founded in 1983. Please get in touch with This is a great product for not just hair-care and skin-care companies but for hotels, motels, yachts, and children's brands. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you manufacture these for other brands/companies?

Our over-arching business, Clover Fields, is an established contract manufacturer founded in 1983. Please get in touch with This is a great product for not just hair-care and skin-care companies but for hotels, motels, yachts, and children's brands. We look forward to hearing from you!

I am from the media and would like to get in touch!

Sounds great - chuck us a line here

How do you package your orders?

Plastic-free babyyyy! We are all about that plastic-free life. Our packages will come in recyclable jiffy post-packs. We are not currently using home-compostable or fast-biodegrading post-packs, as what's available on the market does not provide enough protection for our products and generally cannot be composted in a home-system, we're also aware that not everyone can compost, but most people have access to a recycling bin. We kindly ask that you repurpose/compost the packaging, recycle or dispose of it with kindness and care. We can send you the bars without the packaging box but you must put a request in the notes when you place your order. We also use biodegradable, eco-friendly tape.

Please note our sample packs come through Australia Post as a letter in the mail. Unfortunately, some of these deliveries can sometimes be quite extended - please read further about this below.

How are your orders shipped?

We use Australia Post. Our shipments are off-set with our own carbon neutralisation programme. We ship as soon as possible after receiving your order within business trading hours - Monday to Friday.

I've received a sample pack and it's been damaged

We have designed a great little box for the bars to be delivered in, but sometimes due to the rough and tumble nature of the postal service system, these are damaged in transit. We will resend these to you when damaged! Please contact us here with your order number and we will resend as soon as possible.

I have severe dandruff, can I use them?

These are not medicated products, however, they are mild and ph balanced to soothe your skin and scalp. We recommend a patch test before using as even some natural ingredients can inflame or worsen various skin conditions. Our Dry or Damaged and The O.G. bars are best suited to this.

I have psoriasis, eczema, or other various skin conditions - can I use them?

These are not medicated products, however, they are mild and ph balanced to soothe your skin and scalp. We recommend a patch test before using as even some natural ingredients can inflame or worsen various skin conditions.

I have hair loss, can I use them?

Yes! Test it out before extended use but these are all-natural products and should not worsen your condition.

Are they kid-friendly?

Yes! They are mild and ph balanced and will not sting their little eyes.

Do you recommend washing twice?

If that's your thing then sure! We have a few customers who do this and have great results.

Will you ever have a separate conditioner?

We feel that one of the biggest strengths of our product is its amazing quality as a single-use product. We now have a standalone conditioner bar that you can use to transition or as your regular conditioner - this is a great handmade product and leaves your hair silky-smooth. You can also use this as a fortnightly hair masque after you've transitioned.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will not be issued due to change of mind. If you encounter an issue with your order we must be notified within 72 hours of receipt to be able to issue a replacement or refund.

Due to the nature of these products, we cannot accept returns for used products as this is a hygiene issue. Should you encounter any problem with the product when using, please do get in touch with us as we may be able to give you some advice - please make sure you patch test the product before applying generally to ensure you do not have a reaction, as even natural products can cause reactions in some skin types.

If the bar is not to your preference or smells to strong, this unfortunately is not a refund we can accomodate however. In this instance we ask that you give the product to a friend or donate to a charity.

How did you calculate that one bar is worth up to 6 bottles?

Great question - we don't make this claim without confidence! A standard shampoo and conditioner is approximately 500ml. We grated and converted our bars into a similar viscosity of liquid products. One bar filled 3.5 litres. We repeated this test multiple times with all results falling within 3.1-3.6 litres. However - please note we do claim that it lasts up to 6 bottles, if it runs out faster then please review your storage of the bar and make sure no other family members are sneakily using it behind your back (you wouldn't be the first one). We have a large number of customers who use the bar for over 6 months, it's excellent value and easy to use.