Xmas just got a little easier. Perfect for those hard-to-buy-for friends/family, or even for yourself!

The packs will come with a gifting tag that you can affix if you please. It's packed to the max with plastic-free body care, and at this hugely discounted price, you'd be crazy to miss it! Stock is very limited so get in quick, they include special stock we don't have available elsewhere on our site.

Pamper Pack

AU$142.00 Regular Price
AU$99.00Sale Price
  • The pack includes:

    Natural Ramie Bathing Mitt  RRP $5 - for natural exfoliation

    Wooden tray RRP $6 - easy storage for your bars

    Shampoo Bar Sample Pack RRP $7- try out all the shampoo bars in our full range

    Blue Clay Soap RRP $5- This is for use on body (not hair). Its natural Grapefruit scent is DIVINE!

    Pink Clay Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on body (not hair). With added Rosehip for moisturising

    Activated Charcoal Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on body (not hair). With gorgeous coconut

    Aussie Hemp Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on body (not hair). Hemp is wonderful on the skin

    Turmeric Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on body (not hair). Natural Lemongrass makes this bar smell beautiful

    OG Shampoo With A Purpose - Shampoo Bar RRP $15- This can be used on all hair types

    Headband RRP $5- Great for applying make up on keeping your hair off your face

    Laundry Sticks RRP $6 - We all know that laundry is the least relaxing thing on the planet. BUT with these you can rest assured knowing that those annoying wine stains or pasta splatters will be vanquished easily with these stain-removing sticks. See packaging for info on how to use.

    Conditioner and Hair Masque Bar RRP $15- Renew your locks with this nourishing bar

    Loofah Scrubber RRP $6 - This is a dried plant, can you believe it! Hang it up in the shower and scrub away

    Body Oil RRP $20- This relaxing body oil is packed with natural extracts and oils to soothe your skin Hair Oil RRP $17 - Your hair bloody needs it! Run it lightly through your hair after a shower or apply thoroughly through hair before sleep then washes in the morning for a thorough treatment

    Candle - These are minimally scented but will keep the atmosphere going while you sit back and relax. Clean out the wax when finished and repurpose as a planter, cup, pen holder, make-up brush holder, recycle, or refill with more wax for a whole new candle!

    Facial Cleanser RRP $10 - This luxurious bar is packed with nutrition for your skin. Keep your skin moisturised and clean with this wonderful bar


    Total value: $142

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