Xmas just got a little easier. Buy your boys a beautiful Aussie-made grooming pack, free from nasty single-use plastics but FULL of lovely products. At this bloody-oath price, you can't go wrong.

The pack will come with a gifting tag that you can affix, even saving the hassle of those rourtingly expensive xmas cards.

Beard & Body Box

AU$85.00 Regular Price
AU$65.00Sale Price
  • The pack includes:

    Natural Ramie Bathing Mitt RRP $5 - Get your scrub on!

    Activated Charcoal Soap RRP $5 - This is for use on body (not hair). It’s a bloody good soap.

    Dry or Damaged Shampoo With A Purpose - Shampoo Bar RRP $15 - This is perfect for your head and beard hair. Check out our site for the rest of our shampoo/conditioner bar range.

    Loofah Scrubber RRP $6 - This is a dried plant, can you believe it! Hang it up in the shower and scrub away

    Cologne RRP $27 - This is highly concentrated and alllllll natural. Apply for date night and they will swoon!!!

    Shave Brush RRP $5 - This is a brush that’s designed to last. Use with our shave bar for the perfect, traditional shave.

    Shave Bar RRP $10 - A natural choice for the perfect shave! Use with our:

    Total value: $78

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